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Porridge & Play Bridgeton is back! Find out what the Bridgeton group get up to in their Porridge & Play Hub adventures each week! Block 3 is all about YOU! We are getting ready to make our AllScot Playcards which will be inspired by all your games and stories. The AllScot Playcards will be on display at our Storyplay Festival which will be happening on Saturday 17th September!

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Block 3 Week 2 Porridge & Play Bridgeton

Tuesday 26th July

What a fantastic week we had at Porridge & Play Bridgeton! This week we focused on how our Grown Ups used to play when they were children! With the excellent help of our Storyplay Champion Arriann we became investigators so we could interview our Grown Ups and see just what they were like when they were children!

Before that of course we warmed up with a Dancing Warm Up! We loved it when Adie came to dance with us for a very special Family Art Voyage! We just love Dancing with Adie. So, we danced Licketyspit Style to get our investigating minds ready! The Dancing Warm up works by everyone standing in a circle! We love circles at Licketyspit. Everyone can see you and you can see everyone and games are best played when we are ALL a part of the game. Once everyone is in the circle the DJ starts the music – someone’s name is called, they start doing a dance move and everyone copies, then a new name is called out and they show us another dance move and we all copy. What fun it is to be all dancing together! A perfect way to warm up for every great investigator.

So, with our investigators at the ready we got to hearing all about what our Grown Ups played as children, here is what we discovered:

‘we played catch, a different kind of catch! You stand in front with your back to everybody, everyone standing behind you. You throw the imaginary ball behind and have three guesses to see who has the ball. If you guess it right, you can go again. If you get it wrong, you pass on the ball.’ – Leeanne (Inventor of Street Catch!)

We just had to play Street Catch for ourselves, as any good investigator would!  William and Lexi got everyone ready, and then we played! It was so much fun we loved deciding who would have the imaginary ball next. Leeanne played this game with her brothers and sisters and everyone who lived on her Street when she was a child. (They invented this game so they wouldn’t have to keep collecting a real ball from other people’s gardens!) Leeanne said, ‘we felt excited and happy. It was fun, we played in a little cul-de-sac, and everyone who lived there played there. We were out playing until the lights went on in the street, and then we went home. There were no electronics inside, no computers, nothing.’

Moira showed us Peavie (which might be known as hopscotch to some of us). Moira would draw boxes with numbers on the ground and then use a shoe box to throw into a box! Whatever number it landed on you had to hop there on one foot and pick the shoe box up and go back to the start, then it is someone else’s turn to have a go!

 ‘We got tennis balls, and where I lived, there was the bakery with all the bread, and we would throw the tennis balls. We would throw them and bounce off the wall and try and spin, and if you were really good, you would do it with one hand. You would do it under the leg, behind you, all of it.’ – Moira

Afara like to play jumping and would do it with some drums! She loves Loved to play through dance and showed us how to moved our shoulders to a shimmy. She played in her country in the village called Montego.

‘My mum is from India in Tiridu, it was a city like the old city, and her grandfather lived in the same house. We had so many games, so we had to build a mountain with small stones on top and a big rock on the bottom, then we had to use a ball to knock it down in two teams of 16 and 17. It’s called Pithu!’ – Tarika

Tarika showed us a game called Kho Kho – everyone sits in a line facing alternate ways. Someone walks around with a ball and places it behind someone. When that ball is down, they stand up and chase them around. If you can get back to that person’s space before them, then they have to put the ball down.

It was so much fun being investigators! Children are the experts in play but after all Grown Ups were once children too!

Blog by Andre, Sarah, Virginia and the Porridge & Play Bridgeton Investigators

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What is happening in Block 3 for Porridge & Play Bridgeton?

After such exciting trips out we are venturing back to our hub this July and August and will be coming together to create our new AllScot Playcards!

These Playcards will already be like the existing Licketyspit ones, but will be created with the games you play and played as children, and new ones we make up together! You’ll be able to see them – and play them –  at our Storyplay Festival on Saturday 17th September!